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Our Story

At EZ Injury Law, we aim at making the legal process easy for our clients while obtaining the maximum compensation for their injuries. We achieve this goal by combining our experience with personalized and boutique representation of our clients.

Our founding attorney and managing partner, Arash Tavanaei, has been serving injury victims since 2015. During his legal carrier, he has worked for small and large firms and has gained a great deal of experience. He has represented thousands of clients and settled millions of dollars.

He observed that most small practices do not possess the experience or fail to invest the necessary focus and resources to effectively represent their injury clients. On the other hand, large firms typically do not have the time, resources or the desire to effectively communicate with their clients, guide them through their issues and improve the quality and value of their cases.

Our other managing partner, Ayensa Millan, has been practicing law, including personal injury, since 2012. She successfully established a law firm in 2013 where she provided boutique and excellent representation to her clients and became highly regarded in the community for her legal work as well as community involvement. 

Arash was determined to start his own practice where he could focus his resources and experience to assist his injury clients in a boutique and effective manner. His vision was to create an atmosphere where clients are part of the practice and receive all the assistance they needed. Arash then turned to one of his former employers, Ayensa Millan, who he admired for her ability and commitment to providing excellent legal representation to her clients.

Arash and Ayensa formed EZ Injury Law in 2023 to focus on assisting personal injury victims. We consider our clients to be the purpose of our work and an essential part of our business.  

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